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Argentina's Foreign Ministry informs that have been made available in English version the Mosconi report on its website (www.cancilleria.gob.ar), which will be distributed to over 140 Argentine representations abroad as well as foreign representations accredited in our country.

The Mosconi report presents the results of research carried out between April and June 2012 by the intervention team of YPF company, by the Comptroller, Julio De Vido, and the Sub-Controller, Dr. Axel Kicillof. The purpose of this document is to provide evidence of the predation strategy, divestment and internal market shortages deployed since the group Repsol YPF took control in 1999.

His reading will allow the international community to know the reasons that led to the enactment of Law 26,741 declaring national public interest and as a priority of Argentina achieving self-sufficiency in oil and exploitation, processing, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons, to ensure economic development with social equity, and public interest and subject to expropriation for 51% of the assets of YPF SA Repsol YPF and Gas SA, which was held by Repsol.

This historic decision is allowing our country as part of a package of policy measures implemented in this strategic sector, move towards recovery and self-sufficiency sovereignty national energy needed to sustain the ongoing process of re-industrialization of the economy Argentina.



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